Good-bye, Lutz Dörning

After 15 years at the helm of the company alongside Jan Hertz, Lutz Dörning is now stepping into a well-deserved retirement. Business partners and friends send him their warm wishes for the future.

“We are honoured to have spent time working with you, as you are not only a partner and a colleague, but a very good friend. Your experience, knowledge, dedication and presence will be missed. If anyone deserves a wonderful retirement, it’s you. I’m certain you will know how to make the second half of your life an adventure. I look forward seeing your smiling face in Yerevan as an honoured guest with your new boss – your wife.”


“I was a freshman in my company when I met Lutz for the first time. We cooperated for almost 30 years and we developed a close professional and human relationship. I really appreciate his utmost professionalism, his amiable, straight and open character, his sense of humour. Frankly speaking, I cannot see him as a retiree. He is full of energy and passion for whatever interests him, exactly the same as he always has been.

I wish to him much joy in the next chapter of his life, devoting more time to his beloved Bettina, his son Philip and the family, as well as discovering new activities. I will always consider him a close friend and I look forward to seeing him again.”


“It has been a privilege to know Lutz. Lutz combines all I like in a person: professionalism without taking himself seriously, huge tolerance and humanity, respect for everybody despite differences in skin colour, religion etc. Lutz is a person I am proud to know and to keep as a friend.“


“Lutz, you are a real professional who deserves the best. Retirement doesn’t mean that you’re old. It means that you’ve been working hard enough to deserve a very long vacation. Wishing you a lot of beautiful adventures and happy moments with the ones you love. We will keep in touch!”


“I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Lutz back into the early 90s in Zimbabwe. Over the years he not only was a reliable supplier, but became a solid friend. An honourable gentleman through and through who will be sadly missed around many a braai. Lutz, thank you for all your knowledge, time and friendship over many years; enjoy your time now to do what you want to, happy retirement! However, don’t be a stranger. Wishing you good health and all the best going forward.”


“Lutz has left his footprint on every stage of my professional and personal life for more than 30 years. He stood next to me and was ready to give me a hand to help without any questions and conditions. And that, besides his undeniable personal charm, knowledge, experience and professionalism, is what I admire most about him: being a friend in any weather. I hope he enjoys every day for at least 40 years with his family. I'll tell you the rest personally, you can’t get rid of me so easily!”


“I have known Lutz Dörning for many years and he is the ultimate professional and all-round good guy. He always has the answers and can solve the problems. He will be sadly missed, but I wish him a very happy retirement!”


“Dear Lutz, I wish you all the very best. With your expertise, your dedication and your deeply likeable manner, you made an incredible contribution to taking this company forward. You take your work very seriously, take responsibility and are pragmatic in a very “German” way, which our customers always greatly appreciated. You are a friend one can always rely on to help in difficult situations without asking questions. Now it’s time to use your talents to build a satisfying, healthy and happy retirement!”


“Lutz's attitude to work and towards customers is exceptional. We will miss him a lot and wish him all the best in his new status. Good luck on your further journey! Life is full of amazing things. But if you happen to change your mind, we are always there for you.”



Pictures: Hertz&Selck, private


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