Hertz&Selck gets fast and furious

Employees test their reflexes with indoor karting

“Step on the gas!” was the motto of a company outing in February where the focus was on speed and fast reactions. At the second Hertz&Selck indoor kart race, 20 participants competed against each other, including a double kart with a father-daughter team, while other employees came along to cheer them on.

After an entertaining introduction to the eco-friendly electric karts and the challenging course, it was time to don balaclavas and helmets and set off around the track. Two groups raced against each other in 2x20 minutes to qualify for the starting line-up and for the race itself. The fastest lap time was set by Christian Waschatz with a blistering 33.953 seconds on the curved 330-meter track.

The exhilarated drivers and spectators rounded off an exciting evening with a meal and a screening of the Xletix film (see previous issue of Flavourzine).


Picture: iStock by Getty Images, Jack F.


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