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Our history

Staying ahead for over 90 years

Full of passion and creativity, we have been dedicating ourselves to the development of premium flavors for over 90 years. But that doesn't mean we cling to the past. Quite the opposite. Our history has shown us that we can only progress through pioneering spirit, innovative strength and adaptability. This enabled us to become one of the leading companies on the market. And we are particularly proud of that.

Our history

From a family business to a global player


Hamburg, port city, trading metropolis: In 1931, the Hamburg merchants Alfred Hertz and Carl Selck laid the foundation stone for one of the most famous tobacco flavor houses in the world. Their business area is essential oils, fruit concentrates and dried fruits for the food industry.


The business remains in the family: Günther Hertz, cousin of founder Alfred Hertz, is a limited partner when Joachim Hertz - son of Alfred - also joins the company. During the German economic miracle, he systematically expanded the tobacco flavors sector, and the boom in the “American Blend” cigarette did the rest. Sales of tobacco flavors are now 20 percent. Founder Carl Selck is now retiring and emigrating to America.


After nine years with the company, Joachim Hertz became managing director - and remained so until 1995. Sales of tobacco flavors now amounted to 90 percent.

1972 – 2005

Felix Schiffer becomes a limited partner and managing director until 2008. During this time, the next generation steps in: Jan Hertz, son of Günther Hertz, has been a limited partner and managing director since 2001; In 2005 Lutz Dörning became managing director.


The move: The headquarters and production of Hertz & Selck can now be found at Tarpenring 23 near the airport - on a property that also offers enough space for future expansions.


A separate beverage division is set up.


The new building to expand production at Tarpenring 23 begins. Hertz & Selck is now one of the most successful producers of premium flavors in the world - with 300 customers and exports to more than 60 countries on four continents.


Managing director Lutz Dörning is retiring after 15 years. His successor will be Nils Neugebauer, who runs the company together with Jan Hertz.


For the company's 90th anniversary: relaunch of the company logo including the corporate identity. In this context, publication of a new claim that once again underlines the internationality of Hertz & Selck.


Nils Neugebauer is leaving the company at the end of the year.


After 22 years, Jan Hertz is handing over his position as managing director to his successor Bianca Hinrichsen, who now leads the company.

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From tobacco to vaping to drinks: we create tailor-made, premium quality flavors for you. Do you want to modify your product? We know the requirements of the markets and respond to your wishes. Speaking of your wishes: If necessary, we will be happy to support you with additional services, such as a variety of product applications.

Work where a strawberry has 300 flavors: with us.

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